Preserving Fresh and Red Ripe

I empty the table off
and he fills it right back up!!

The best tomato crop ever!, he claims...

I blanch them,
     turn them into "Sallsa"...

turn them into some
awesome Bloody Mary Juice...

and ,yes, photograph them!

the blanching process
makes them look like
an underwater masterpiece...

Day after day,
bushel after bushel,
our pantry is filling up...

After a long day of processing and preserving,

I put my feet up and 
chill out with a cold one...

After standing between the sink and stove
for 7 hours,
my favorite spot calls to me
and it's time to 
sit down and relax!



Michelle said…
Lucky you! I know you will enjoy the fruits of your labor!
Bonnie K said…
The best part of harvesting from your own garden? When you get to eat it. What an awesome crop. Thanks for sharing.

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