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Monday, January 31, 2011

Signs of Spring in South Dakota

Can it really be the last day of January??

It always feels so good 
to have January behind us!!
  February can be a real bummer
sometimes too, but at least it's short
and it has Valentine's day in the middle of it!
It's no doubt my Spring fever has me overcome,
and it doesn't help when I see blogs with pictures
of blossoming trees in Florida and baby chicks too!!
There is no clear signs of spring here yet....

Unfortunately just more snow!

This is South Dakota,
and usually my first sign of spring 
is this.....

I grew up in a house that had to be cleaned every Saturday!
"Saturday Cleaning"- I can still hear my Mother's voice.
while other kids were watching Saturday
morning cartoons, I was dusting!!
It was such a drag.
To this day, if I see a bottle of Pledge
on Saturday I start shaking!

So as soon as I had my own house,
I "pledged" to never do cleaning on Saturday!!


Although, my mother may have
traumatized her daughters with 
the "Saturday Cleaning" thing.
We all still do the traditional 
"Spring Cleaning"
(one sister does her's in the Fall, she
always was the stubborn one)

One thing we all agree on...
there's nothing better than open windows,
fresh sheets, and a Spring clean house!

Today, I've decided to put out
an A.P.B. for this lady....

At the end of the month Hazel and I 
will be busy as bees when we get 
back to the farm....

If I were there right now, I could be 
cleaning out cupboards and closets
and having a good time just doing 
some preliminary work before
the real cleaning begins!

When it's all said and done 
the rewards are

not my house, but a clean one that I wish was mine!

Daisy fresh sheets! mmmmm!

You know the old saying...
Cleanliness is next to Godliness!!
I'm not sure the true origin of that phrase, 
but I'm pretty sure it was the same 
person that invented spring cleaning!

49 days until Spring!
Happy Mosaic Monday,

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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Chickens Are Jealous

This is a shout out from the Sall Farm Coop 
to the chicken branch over at Verde Farm....

You see those chickens at Verde Farm
have really got it goin' on.  It seems that
one day they all had a meeting and decided
they needed their own post on the farmer's blog.
Well, it was all quite civil,
 and the vote was cast...
before you know it, farmer's got them
complete with a specially 
designed blogger sign!!

our chickens have been cooped up (pardon the pun)
and holed up in 4 feet of snow over at our abandoned farm. 
Sall has gone in once a week to check on them,
feed and water them,
and I'm sure he talks to them while he's there
(he always does)
But, I told him not to breathe a word about
the Verde Farm chickens and their privileged life!
Sall agreed, we don't need any of that here!

Well, there must be a nosy messenger 
in the neighborhood!  A know-it-all hawk maybe, 
or a gossiping owl...someone has spilled the beans 
and now the Sall Farm chickens are pecked!!
Sall said they're giving him the cold shoulder,
and he over-heard them talking about
hitch-hiking to West Virginia!!

Good Grief, it's always something at the farm!
So, to appease the gang...
we told them we'd post some of their
pictures and send a shout out to those
lucky birds at Verde Farm!!

Sully, the rooster!
He's a handsome dude.

Sully keeps all the girls in line!

So, cluck, cluck to Sunny D and Plato and Charlotte...
good job on this week's chicken picks!
(maybe some day we'll all live in fancy coops like Tiffany's)

These are some vintage chickens displayed 
at our winter lodge.  Every time I look at them
I think about our chickens at home nested in the hay.

I hope everyone's happy now!

Cock-a-Doodle Doo,

note: to read Amy's post about the chicken revolt click on the high lighted links

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Day Off

The ladies of the 1800's probably
would have knitted a pair of socks,
baked a batch of bread, 
fed the livestock, beat the rugs,
and hauled firewood 
all on their day off....

I spent the day on the phone,
and on the computer, 
heated up my leftovers 
in the microwave, 
took some photos with
my digital camera,
and played with my 
new cell phone....

Life is good in 2011!
(complicated, but good)

Morning News and Coffee

Good Morning Sunshine!

The birds are singing 
in my neck of the woods....

It's a beautiful frosty morning!

I have a day off today...
and I'm enjoying a 
leisurely morning
and a cup of joe!

Max and I are going to catch up on the 
local news....
then do what ever we want to
for the rest of the day!

What's going on in your neighborhood?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Beach Volleyball Anybody?

Enough, with the cold and snow!
Today my thermometer is reading
29 ...  30 degrees and climbing!!
The sun is out and I'm 
thinking about warm, sunny places...

I'm dreaming of the beaches
I have visited,
and thinking it's time 
for a return visit...

I wonder where I 
buried that swim suit??

Let's not get too crazy...

First I better shave my legs 
and get some exercise...
a lot of exercise!!

What are you dreaming of today?

{56 Days 'till Spring!!}


Before I head out to the beach, I'm linking up with Mary
Thanks Mary, for hosting!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stir Crazy

Seventeen nights and 18 days away from my farm...

Missing it all so much, I'm beginning to think
my memory is failing me and that maybe
It was all just a fairy tale????

Last night it got down to 18 below,
our little farm just gets farther and farther away
as the snow keeps piling up around it!
How long will it take for the snow to melt off of our road?
Or will the neighbor ever get to it with a snow-blower?
Actually, we probably have a better chance just 
letting the sun do it's thing!

The wind keeps howling, the snow keeps coming,
when will it ever stop!!???

The longer we are away, the more we miss our stuff!

Sall could be working on some stained glass,
if he had his stuff....
I could be organizing all of our photos if I had them here!
I'd be crocheting around a blanket if I had my crochet needle...
and on and on...
we miss our stuff!!

It's a brutal walk in, to get our stuff...
a half mile in...a half mile back out,
but we've done it 5 times between the two of us!

Pulling a sled, one load at a time!

When (it ever happens) we can 
move back home....
we may need to rent a uhaul!

Now, I am not sharing all of this 
to bring on sympathy!  
I'm merely venting here...
because, quite frankly,
my feathers are getting ruffled
and this prairie girl is going stir-crazy

Does anyone have Mother Nature's email address,
so I can have a chat with her?

Have a happy day, dear friends!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cabin Fever

Pony Rides 10 Cents....

Just a trip to the drug store would
cheer me up right now...
but, once again it's snowing and blowing
and I'm stuck inside.

If it clears up tomorrow,
I'm heading out 
for a pony ride!

Thanks for popping in today.
Have a great Saturday,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Keeping a Sunny Perspective

This morning we woke up 
to 12 Below!
no, not 12 eggs short,
no, not 12 gallons below empty,
no, not 12 feet under (thank goodness)....
12 Degrees Below ZERO!!
Brrrrr, it's cold out!
And our lodge is getting colder every day.
So cold, I broke down and called
the company # on the thermostat.
I explained all of the conditions, and
simply wanted to know if I'm
not setting this thing right and why 
is it getting colder and colder in here?
Come to find out when it's really cold out
a heat pump can't keep up, and the 
technician really didn't understand
why anyone in South Dakota would
install a heat pump!
I guess the boys really weren't
planning on being at camp during the
cold winter months, so I'll give'em
a pass on this one, but I am wondering
if they could send me some warm 
Black Hills air please!!!

At least the sun is shining today, 
and I am posting some sunny shots 
of my wintry surroundings.

No matter what, I try to keep a happy perspective...
the glass is half full, right????

They're not melting yet, 
but, there are icicles...
that's a good start!!

One more day of winter behind us,
 Now 60 days till Spring!

Thinking Warm Thoughts....
Have a great Wednesday, my friends!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Doggy Resort

Sall and I both love dogs!
Any kind of breed...they are all
wonderful, loyal, and faithful companions...
eager to please, always understanding
and ever-playful. 

All of the neighborhood dogs know and love us.
Which is probably why our neighbors
choose us to doggy-sit when they go on trips.

As long as Sall is around the dogs know they get 
to spend some time running and hunting!
Hold it, did you see that....


Sall had them all chasing in the corn 
up to their bellies in fluffy snow

Skeeter and Max came out first huffing and puffing,
wouldn't you know the three-legged yellow lab 
stayed in there the longest....

Buddy finally came out the opposite
end of the field! 

After a short sit down break, 
he was ready for more!

Skeeter (the black lab) is staying with us till March....
Buddy had to go home last night.
His head was low, his tail was lower,
I think he was disappointed his
vacation was so short!

Max on the other hand was happy
to see him go....
he's so jealous and likes
having Ma and Pa 
all to himself!!

Hope you are snuggled in
 with your B.F.F at your side.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snowy Mosaic Monday

Think like a kid 
and try to remember...

Remember when snow meant GOOD things???

No School ~ Wooo HOOO!!!

Spending the day rolling in it and making 
snow angels and snowmen was the best thing ever!!

Those were the days.....

Where's your inner kid today?

Happy sledding,

I'm linking with Mary's Mosaic Monday over at
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come see for yourself!